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The Portal Teaser, first episode, and 1st ever Portal cartoon for sale fractionalized on Opensea totaling 300 NFT’S at 4000 Euro for each NFT Purchased

Congratulations _____________ You have just reserved one of the first made tv series called the portal that is available to purchase a fractional share of on open sea.

The price is 4000.00 Euro

Only 300 will be sold for the fractionalized NFT.

The owner of this NFT will get ownership in the already made TV show (The Portal) The ownership will include 2 teasers, The first 1st episode, plus ownership in this first Portal cartoon already in pre-production at VucoWorld Studios Dubai.

This has been fractionalized using:

which can also be seen at:

Which can be seen and purchased on Opensea at:

“HELL is empty and he is HERE NOW”


The original series was 3 episodes, the first was a teaser for 15 minutes, and the 2nd episode was our pilot episode of 33 minutes, which had millions of people following the TV series.

Today we are building an additional 10 episodes as cartoons, that will be fractionalized and can be purchased as an NFT. Each fraction of the new film will be listed at $4,000 USD, and only 300 fractions will be sold totaling $1.2 Million dollars per episode.

However, the cost of the NFT could be more expensive than the actor or actresses playing the roles, who are already NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS being sold on OPENSEA, for example, apes, ducks, cats, etc……

To see the non-animated series, click this link Finally with your purchase of this NFT fraction of the original series, you will receive 1 fraction of the 300 fractions being sold, and you will receive 1 fraction of the animated cartoon series that is currently in pre-production being shot at VUCOWORLD STUDIOS DUBAI.

Please see the link to live studios:

Also please see a video of where we animate, build movies, create TV SHOWS, and all types of different productions globally –


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