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Hypersonic Missile

China’s hypersonic missile project aims to hit a moving vehicle

BEIJING: China is developing a hypersonic missile that could easily hit a fast-moving vehicle at five times the speed of sound without hitting.

According to the foreign news agency, the move by China is aimed at resolving the issue of hitting a fast-moving target.

A team of researchers from the PLA Rocket Force University of Engineering, led by Ying Xiaogang, said they were given until 2025 to solve the seemingly complex problems of hypersonic technology.

In an article published in the Chinese journal Infrared and Laser Engineering, the team of scientists stated that a high-speed missile can cover long distances in a fraction of a second, and that a small error in the targeting and guidance system is a major disadvantage. Can be a prelude to

The article states that the infrared mark of a small moving target creates a picture of a few pixels without detail, which makes the process of identification and pursuit extremely difficult.

Scientists say that with this new hypersonic missile, the Chinese military could significantly increase the use of hypersonic weapons in the war in the region.

According to Ying Xiaogang, the team has a new method of identification and pursuit, which they have further improved for a fast-moving target.

Over the years, China has focused on its ability to move targets.

The effort also includes a model of an aircraft carrier built on tracks in the Gobi Desert firing range.

According to the report, the Chinese military believes that hypersonic weapons will change the war. That is why China is investing heavily in this technology.

About 3,000 scientists participated in the PLA’s hypersonic program, which they say is a significant breakthrough. Visit GNW


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